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The High Probability Route
Towards A Professional Trading Career

Unleash Your Potential


Learn a simple trading model used by institutional traders to interact with the market consistently.


With 1 on 1 Coaching Support, build a consistent track record that satisfies key risk-adjusted metrics.


Through a Consistent track record, start your Professional Trading Career. Meet our Funding Partners, and start trading larger size. 

A Clear Path Towards A Professional Trading Career

Building A Trader is the bridge that closes the gap between the world of Retail Traders and the world of Professional Traders. 


We have 1 objective: to select traders that have a passion for the markets and help them make the leap from being struggling retail traders to consistent traders to professional traders trading a fully funded account.


Trading is not for everyone. But if you have a genuine interest for the markets, Building a Trader is the place where you will meet like-minded people working towards the same objective, and where you can work with me 1-on-1 in order to reach precise risk-adjusted metrics that will enable you to qualify for a funded account and become a professional trader.

15 Years of Trading Experience

at Your Disposal

Too many people waste too much money and too much time chasing the dream of trading for a living. You need to know the facts, because the odds are stacked against you. If you meet my criteria and are accepted as a coaching student, here’s what you get:


  • The Truth: Whether your trading performance is being blocked by a lack of skills, a lack of discipline, inadequate capitalization, a challenging personal situation or else, we will face the truth together in a non-judgemental way. Then, we will work on correct habits that will set you up for success.

  • Constant Contact: The main benefit of having a coach is to have a helping hand in time of need. You will have a mixture of live sessions (conducted via Zoom), constant email contact and a Live Room where you can interact with other successful students and traders.

  • Online Learning Center: If you don’t have a trading model, or we find that your trading model is not based on solid ground, you will learn my own time-tested model.

  • Practical DrillsDuring our time together, you will need to produce coursework covering each component of the trading process. This instils discipline and consistency.

  • Personal Attention: In my experience, it takes personal interaction with a successful trader to really achieve success in an acceptable length of time. Avoid the years of frustration, dead-ends ad common errors that so often impair success.

Success Stories

Results speak louder than words: here are the testimonies of people that Justin has been able to accompany step by step in their path of personal and professional growth.

Pete Hiam.png

Pete Hiam

Professional Trader

I would absolutely recommend Justin's services for a number of reasons:
- it is applicable to all traders from complete beginner to seasoned expert as the process covers all aspects of trading and focuses on the needs of the individual trader

- his expertise is vastly superior to other trainers/mentors I have had and this comment relates to both trading/market knowledge as well as being a great trainer and knowing how to improve the trader’s weaknesses through effective means

- the care and attention with which the coaching is undertaken shows a passion for the task at hand and a real dedication to achieving results for the trader and not just supplying a service because it has been paid for. What you get is way and above what you pay for.


Sachin Vaze

Professional Trader

Justin is a rare breed in the financial markets space - an approachable market professional who makes his knowledge and skill set available to anyone who is willing to learn.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, time spent with Justin will improve your trading performance and results. Aside from his technical expertise, Justin's understanding of the fundamental drivers moving the market today today, what may drive the market in near future is second to none. Invaluable to any aspiring trader who is serious about developing a trading career! 

Gavin Foster.png

Gavin Foster

Professional Trader

I have been working with Justin as a coaching student for the last 8-months and he has massively helped me with my trading and keeping me on the right path.

He is extremely knowledgable and has provided me with help across all areas of my trading such as system development, position sizing and mindset.

He is extremely generous with his time and you can tell that he genuinely likes helping people

In addition to one-to-one coaching Justin also writes one of the best trading blogs available, plus a lot of additional member-only content available at Building A Trader. I've paid for 5 professional trading courses over the last 3 years, but I would only actively recommend Justin. The other educators did provide me with some value, but weren't in the same class.

Your success in the markets depends on 4 factors: your trading skills, the discipline to use your skills consistently, your mental fortitude and your performance level.

Justin Paolini - Building A Trader Founder

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Start Your #ProfessionalTradingCareer

Learn a Time-Tested Model for Approaching the Markets. Overcome Personal and Mental Strongholds that Block your Progress. Achieve the Means to Transition from a Profitable Trader to a Professional Trader.

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