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Brent Donnelly is coming to Building a Trader!

We've been busy behind the scenes! Finally we can announce that on December 28th at 11AM ET/5PM CET we will have the honour to host a FREE webinar with industry legend Brent Donnelly.

Who is Brent Donnelly and why should you care?

Brent Donnelly has been trading FX since the 1990s in various tier-1 banks. He has been Head of FX trading for Nomura, Head of non-Cad FX trading for RBC, Chief Dealer at Citigroup and portfolio manager, amongst other things. He is now president of Spectra Markets.

But most traders, myself included, learned about Brent through his concise and witty daily commentary "AM/FX". AM/FX has been produced, daily, since his Citigroup years and is recognised as one of the top newsletters in the industry. AM/FX helps you surf the macro narrative and puts new themes on your radar before they hit the mainstream. Brent also authored Alpha Trader, which should definitely be in your trading library, for reasons I outlined in this blog post.

Reserve Your Webinar Spot HERE!*

(*there will only be 100 spots available for this webinar)

The webinar will be divided into 2 parts. The first part, which Brent is happy to disseminate, will be recorded. The second part, which containts some higher-level advice, will be available only to webinar participants and will not be recorded.

Here is what you will learn:

  • What is one topic from Alpha Trader that is extremely important, but gets ignored by most retail traders?

  • What is it that retrail traders cannot know, simply because they didn't work in the industry?

  • Why does Brent think most traders fail? What does it mean to lose well? What is the best way to cut your losses?

  • How can a trader optimise his Average Win/Average Loss ratio, and what are Brent's thoughts on using the Sharpe Ratio as a measure of a trader's chances at longevity?

And for webinar participants only:

  • What is na entry setup that Brent has seen industry traders use, and why does it make sense?

  • What is one piece of knowledge or detail, that only a successful experienced trader can offer, which makes a material difference to a trader's results?

Check the time in your own timezone:

Spots are limited so be sure to reserve yours here!


Justin & Ilaria P.S. If you want to subscribe to Brent Donnelly's AM/FX, you can do so here. There is a FREE section as well as a paid subscription. P.P.S. If you want to grab a copy of Alpha Trader, you can do so here.

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