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GRP Report

A proprietary “all-weather” ETF portfolio based on Momentum and
Volatility to Benefit from Current Macroeconomic Trends.

The GPR Report.png

Our Proprietary ETF Rotation Model

The model portfolio allocates across US Equity, International Equity, Bonds, REITs, and Commodity ETFs. It stays 100% invested at all times and seeks capital appreciation with strong downside protection.

The portfolio uses the tried-and-tested 60/40 allocation between risky assets (equities) and “diversifiers” (bonds, commodities, REITs).

On the first trading day of each month, the algorithm looks at several measures of momentum and volatility, and selects one ETF from each category.

ERM Report Performance.gif

Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results.

Backtest results are based on a portfolio with a starting value of $100,000

and are net of all trading costs and fees.

Portfolio Objectives:

ETF Rotation vs. IOO  ETF

Outperform the relevant benchmark over the medium-to-long-term.

Safety First

Low maximum drawdown and infrequent drawdown periods.

Risk Management

Operate at much less volatility than the relevant benchmark.

Alpha & Beta Exposure

Strong Alpha alongside healthy Beta is the baseline of this ETF Rotation model.

Learn How to Build a Diversified ETF Portfolio

A Professional Tool for Long-Term Investment Decisions

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