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Building A Trader: The Book

Great. Another book on trading. Why should you pick up this book amongst the thousands that are already on the market? The answer is simple: in my journey to become a consistent trader, I have made every mistake in the book – twice! The lessons you will learn in this book are based on hard evidence, using the mistakes I committed during the 4 years it took me to reach a certain degree of consistency, and the experience gathered over the course of many years helping other struggling traders reach consistency in the financial markets.

The truth is simple: most people come to the financial markets armed with the wrong mindset, the wrong expectations and a general lack of the right kind of knowledge. There are certain things that can only be learned through experience. In these pages, by inverting all the bad habits I had, as well as the other issues I have helped other struggling traders overcome, you will find a collection of best practices that will help you avoid the typical issues that aspiring traders make, and that most retail traders continue to make to this day.

If you want to avoid the common pitfalls that block most aspiring traders, and build yourself a career in trading, this is the book for you.

A must read for all coaching students.

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