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Get 1 on 1 Coaching

The Fast Track To Consistency

Through experience, I have learned that most traders need personal interaction with a successful trader, in order to quickly identify and remove obstacles that block consistent performance.

Many aspiring traders or breakeven traders go around in circles for years on end, gaining knowledge but never transforming that knowledge into a successful track record.  

Or perhaps you simply find it easier to learn a new skill if you have someone on hand to answer all your questions, replacing uncertainty with clarity and confidence?

Either way, if you are serious about becoming a consistent trader or enhancing your performance as a trader, 1 on 1 coaching is the right solution for you.

What You Get

What You Get

My goal is to help you reach consistency, increase your performance levels and finally qualify for a funded account with my funding partners.

Don’t Have a System? Or perhaps you lack Consistency?

If you are starting from scratch, you will learn a robust rules-based discretionary trading model, master the beliefs, principles and practices of successful traders, and climb the learning curve with confidence by interacting with my team. If you are new to trading or struggling to do better than breakeven, this is the place for you.


You will have ongoing access to my video course which takes you from Trade Idea Generation all the way to Trade Management and Trading Psychology. But the real benefit is the constant possibility to ask questions, receive answers, perform drills and get feedback.

  • Start with the complete Building a Trader Video Course: learn exactly how I generate trade ideas, execute my trades, manage my trades and manage myself and my emotions.

  • Complete targeted coursework to instil discipline and proper habits.

  • 4 personal coaching sessions per month via Zoom.

  • Access to my Live Coaching Room where you will meet a gentle community of like-minded traders.

  • Constant email contact with me.


Already Have a System? Looking to Enhance Performance?

  • Receive a detailed assessment of your performance metrics.

  • Analysis of your strengths/weaknesses.

  • Establish clear process-oriented goals to reach.

  • Receive coaching support: 4 personal sessions per month via Zoom

Career Progression

 Whether you are just starting out with me, or already have a system to perfect, the next steps are clear: I will help you produce key risk-adjusted performance metrics on a live account. Then, our team will pitch you to our funding partners. 

Start Your #ProfessionalTradingCareer

Learn a Time-Tested Model for Approaching the Markets. Overcome Personal and Mental Strongholds that Block your Progress. Achieve the Means to Transition from a Profitable Trader to a Professional Trader.

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