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The Systematic Trend Filter

A simple, rules-based method for identifying when trends are potentially starting, continuing and ending.

The Systematic Trend Filter.png

The Systematic

Trend Filter

This trend filter is based on the work that I did sending trading signals and analysis to institutional clients at

It is simple and effective and I  know your account will thank you if you stick with it.

Most traders attempt to deploy their entry tactics anytime, anywhere. And by doing so, over 70% of traders lose money. This trend filter will help you become more patient, pick your spots and trade higher probability scenarios.

How Your Trading will Benefit:

Follow, Don't Fade

Avoid trading against an established trend.

Simplify Your Trading

Know precisely when the market is trending, pulling back or reversing.

High Probability

Combine signals from Monthly, Weekly and Daily frames to enhance the odds.

Gain Clarity

No guessing. No indicators. No confusion.


Learn How to Trade Trends like a Pro

Reduce the number of unforced errors and trade only when the probability is tilted in your favour.

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