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Success Stories

Eric Sifford.png

Eric Sifford

Chief Confidentiality Officer, Licensed Private Investigator at

V-USA - Trader

I have two aspirations: to become a professional trader, and to become exceedingly aware of the economic forces which move the world's economy. 

My coaching sessions with Justin have placed me years ahead in my pursuit of these goals.


Sachin Vaze

Professional Trader

Justin is a rare breed in the financial markets space - an approachable market professional who makes his knowledge and skill set available to anyone who is willing to learn.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, time spent with Justin will improve your trading performance and results. Aside from his technical expertise, Justin's understanding of the fundamental drivers moving the market today today, what may drive the market in near future is second to none. Invaluable to any aspiring trader who is serious about developing a trading career! 

Pete Hiam.png

Pete Hiam

Professional Trader

I would absolutely recommend Justin's services for a number of reasons:
- it is applicable to all traders from complete beginner to seasoned expert as the process covers all aspects of trading and focuses on the needs of the individual trader

- his expertise is vastly superior to other trainers/mentors I have had and this comment relates to both trading/market knowledge as well as being a great trainer and knowing how to improve the trader’s weaknesses through effective means

- the care and attention with which the coaching is undertaken shows a passion for the task at hand and a real dedication to achieving results for the trader and not just supplying a service because it has been paid for. What you get is way and above what you pay for.

Gavin Foster.png

Gavin Foster

Professional Trader

I have been working with Justin as a coaching student for the last 8-months and he has massively helped me with my trading and keeping me on the right path.

He is extremely knowledgable and has provided me with help across all areas of my trading such as system development, position sizing and mindset.

He is extremely generous with his time and you can tell that he genuinely likes helping people

In addition to one-to-one coaching Justin also writes one of the best trading blogs available, plus a lot of additional member-only content available at Building A Trader. I've paid for 5 professional trading courses over the last 3 years, but I would only actively recommend Justin. The other educators did provide me with some value, but weren't in the same class.


Ashish Taneja

IT - Trader

 From first session alone I realised how little I know about the markets in general, importance of fundamentals and why i was not succeeding and stuck with my results.


Justin's model is simple and very straightforward which is rather easy to implement and i believe anyone can do it if they follow what they learn from Justin.


I recommend coaching not only to enhance your skills but also to avoid any unnecessary bad habits that might have to be unwired from your brain to effectively learn what Justin teaches. 

Virgil Titieu.png

Virgil Titieu

Senior Technical Advisor at Hivint - Trader

This is by far the best decision I took after years of seeking the "truth" by reading, trial/error and indicator development.

My trading accounts have an ascending slope and looking to forward to new private coaching sessions to further extend my knowledge, understanding of the markets and self-control.

I urge you to seriously consider his coaching classes and take them up before he is too busy.

Pater Kolf.png

Pater Kolf

Retired - Trader

Justin has managed to turn my trading around, from consistently losing to consistently winning. 


He read my trading personality very well, was quick to analyse my weaknesses, and able to adopt his system to suit my trading preferences.


He introduced concepts which were totally new to me, from sentiment reading & time of day of trading, to risk & trade management.  He stressed the importance of identifying only high-quality trade setups, and to become process-oriented.


Hi Justin, I would like to thank you very much for the very valuable insights you gave me during the mentoring session and the follow up feedbacks you provided these last weeks. I have completely eliminated overtrading and gained total confidence in my trades. On average, I now take 3-4 trades  a week  (only 1 to 2 Risk Return trades when sentiment is clear and strong). My win rate since August is 70% so far. Thank you very much! sakh


Justin has helped my trading immensely .   I already had an idea how I wanted to trade , and I had been learning market sentiment for a couple of months .   I was studying some 3-4 hours a night and was completely engrossed in charts during the day .   I have a day job and as you can imagine it wasn't long before I got in trouble with my boss .   I had completely lost focus on my job and other areas of my life as I tried to desperately beat the market. Justin instantly recognised the downward spiral I was in and got me to take a step back and showed me how analysis doesn't need to be this time consuming .   He also explained the reality of trading and how for the time being I should completely focus on my day job and learn to appreciate it again as this is my source of reliable income.  Through Justin's help I drastically cut down on the amount of effort I was putting in and time i was spending on trading. I got re-acquainted with my day job and even learned to enjoy it again!  I also got back into the things i used to enjoy outside of trading.   All of this helped my mind clear and I was able to slow down and make much better trading decisions. The thing that impressed me the most was Justin's thoroughness and dedication to my cause.    I always received timely, detailed and insightful analysis of my trades.  And if I strayed from the path of good discipline he would take me task instantly as any good mentor should!

I would recommend Justin's services without hesitation.


I’ve completed several mentoring sessions with Justin Paolini  and each one had direct and immediate effects on my trading.  During our first session, Justin was able to see and then help me eliminate the parts of my system that were causing me to enter bad trades and miss out on good ones.  In addition, he gave me new, simple procedures to follow that saved me from hours of unnecessary work in my daily routine.  In the week following our first session, Justin kept working and brainstorming on my behalf, responding to questions, checking in with me, and thinking of ways to make me a better trader.
By the time we had our second session, Justin had spent a considerable amount of his own time thinking about my trading style and developing an entirely new setup to teach me.  It worked with my personality, and provided a balance to the type of trades I was looking for currently, and resulted in nearly doubling the potential trading opportunities that were available to me.
If there’s one thing I want to say to anyone out there struggling for profitability, it’s that you don’t need to do it alone.  There are people like Justin willing to give you all the benefits of their own years of struggles, so you can save yourself the time, pain and money.

Liz Giles

Justin has an in depth knowledge of how markets work, and through this he is able to give individual traders and aspiring traders structured advice and help of a very high standard. He has an uncanny knack of pinpointing the areas that you need to work on the most, and guide you through your difficulties with tasks that make you re-configure your thought patterns so that you can overcome your current sticking points. He can teach you not just about the strategies that he uses to trade, but will help you to find a strategy that suits you and your personality best. He never gives up, and is always encouraging you to keep trying and work through any issues in order to improve your confidence. He is kind, honest, straightforward, reliable and to the point. I feel fortunate to have found Justin and with his help my trading has gone forward in leaps and bounds. If you are an aspiring trader and are prepared to put in some hours of study and homework, and are looking for a mentor who genuinely wants you to succeed, then this is the best place for you to achieve your goals.

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